HDPE Raschel Bags with Handle

HPDE Raschel Mesh Bag with Handle Manufacturer

The HDPE Raschel Mesh Bag Single is a revolutionary product tailored to meet the diverse packaging needs of wholesalers, brand manufacturers, and bulk purchasers. Ideal for an array of items like vegetables, fruits, and firewood, these bags offer a blend of functionality and convenience.

  • Varied Selection: Choose from a range of mesh bag types, including leno, raschel, tubular, and HDPEdate mesh bags, designed for manual packing.
  • Size Options Galore: Available in standard sizes (50x80cm, 45x75cm, 40x60cm without handle; 30x47cm, 25x39cm, 21x31cm with handle) and custom sizes to suit your specific needs.
  • A Spectrum of Colors: Pick from vibrant colors such as red, yellow, green, violet, orange, to milky white and transparent, adding visual appeal to your packaging.
  • High Capacity Packing: Comes in convenient pack sizes (1000, 2000, 3000 pcs/bale), ensuring you have enough to meet your demands.
  • Customization at Its Best: Tailor-made options for size, color, logo, and drawstring availability.
  • Durable Design: Crafted with a double-stitch bottom for enhanced strength and longevity.

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Single Bag Color Options




Why Choose our Canbon's Raschel Bags

Decades of Experience

Leveraging nearly 30 years of experience, these bags offer unparalleled quality and reliability

Certified Excellence

With certifications like CE, SGS, INTERTEK, REACH, be assured of top-notch performance.

Customization Available

Tailor-made to meet diverse customer needs, from size and color to logo and drawstring options.

Low MOQ and Free Samples

Get started easily with a minimum order quantity of just 5 tons and the option of free samples.

Efficient Delivery & Payment

Enjoy prompt delivery (first container within 30 days) and convenient payment terms (L/C or T/T).


Size (cm)The weight of Mesh Bags (G)Hold Capacity (KG)

Using for manual packing of fruit, vegetable and firewood.

We can offer bags with drawstring or not.

The standard sizes are as following:

  • 1. 50*80, 45*75, 40*60cm, without handle
  • 2. 30*47, 25*39, 21*31cm, with handle
  • 3. Any special sizes as you need.
  • 4. Color: Red, yellow, green, violet, orange, milky white, transparent and so on.
  • 5. Packing: 1000pcs/bale or 2000pcs/bale or 3000pcs/bale
  • 6. We are glad to produce any size and color from the demanding of the customer.

How we produce Raschel Mesh Bags with Handle

Raw Material Display for Mesh Bag Single

Material Selection

wire drawing for HPDE Raschel Mesh Bags

Wire Drawing


Cutting for HPDE Raschel Mesh Bags

Bag Cutting

Knotting for HPDE Raschel Mesh Bags


Inspection for HPDE Raschel Mesh Bags


Packaging for Mesh Bag Single


Warehouse for HPDE Raschel Mesh Bags


Factory Video of Raschel Mesh Bags


Talk to our Product Expert for your business solution

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A: The follow features show be focused on: 

  • Durable, lightweight design ideal for packaging a wide range of products.
  • Available in various sizes and colors to suit different needs.
  • Eco-friendly material options for sustainable packaging solutions.

A: Options for custom sizes, colors, and branding, including logo printing.

A: Flexible MOQs, accommodating both small and large orders. for the raschel mesh bag single is 5 tons.

A: Use of recyclable or biodegradable materials, highlighting sustainability.

A: Our mesh bags are certified by CE, SGS, INTERTEK, and REACH, ensuring their quality and compliance with international standards.

A: Compliance with food safety standards for packaging edibles.

A: Description of rigorous quality checks ensuring product consistency.
A: Details on industry-standard certifications like CE, SGS, INTERTEK, REACH, ISO, ensuring quality and reliability.


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