Perforated/Vented Stretch Film, Pre-strectched Manual

Perforated/Vented Stretch Film, Pre-strectched Manual

Size: W 43cm x L 440m 

Thickness: 8µm

Pre-stretching rate: 50%

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43cm x 440m 8µm (hand)

Pre-stretching rate: 50%

Average thickness: 8µm

Damage stretch rate: 55% +/-5%

Damage tension: 26kg +/-10%

Nµmber of holes: 13

Weight per meter: 3.1g +/-5%

Net weight per roll: 1.375kg +/-5%

Gross weight per roll: 1.72kg +/-5%

Packing: 9rolls/carton, 288rolls/pallet




1. Less material use for wrapping a load when compared to the alternative solutions

2. Eliminates condensation and mold formation

3. Suitable for light or heavy loads.

4.Requires less films to stabilize the pallets

5. quicker and easier to apply than corner boards and straps.

6. Low weight, but high elasticity.


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