HDPE Raschel Bags with Label

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Factory Image - Warehouse 02 -HPDE Raschel Bags in Roll

Using for automatic pakcing.

  1. Color: All kinds of color, gold yellow, red, orange, transparent, milky white, beige and so on

  2. For 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg packing.

  3. Density: 3 needles (small mesh) or 2 needles (Normal mesh)

  4. Package: 15000pcs/roll, 2000pcs/roll, 2500pcs/roll, 3000pcs/roll, 3500pcs/roll, 4000pcs/roll

  5. With handle or not

  6. With label or not

  7. Food packaging, according to the EC regulations heavy metal contents.

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